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Hendrik Hertzberg is a fellow at Type Media Center, as well as the organization’s editorial director. He has written for the New Yorker, off and on, for a total of thirty years — from 1969 to 1976 as a “Talk of the Town” reporter and from 1992 on as an editor and staff writer. Earlier, he was a San Francisco correspondent for Newsweek and a junior officer in the US Navy. Between New Yorker stints he was President Jimmy Carter’s chief speechwriter and editor of the New Republic. A four-time winner of the National Magazine Award, Hertzberg is the author of Politics: Observations & Arguments (2004), a New York Times Notable Book and a Washington Post and Los Angeles Times Best Book of the Year, and of ¡Obámanos!: The Birth of a New Political Era (2009).

Recent Work

1968: the year that changed America

1968: the year that changed America

The cliche says that if you can remember the Sixties, you weren’t really there. But Hendrik Hertzberg remembers the decade’s most explosive year very well indeed. By Rick Hertzberg in the Guardian.

Trump Presidency

Trump Presidency

Panelists talked about Donald Trump’s presidency and how it compares to previous administrations, including Richard Nixon’s. By Rick Hertzberg on C-SPAN.

Politics: Observations & Arguments

Politics: Observations & Arguments

An analysis of American politics from the presidency of Johnson to the present is arranged in such themes as campaigns, the media, and wars, in a volume that draws on the author’s work as a winner of the National Magazine Award for General Excellence to illuminate particular events in modern history.


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