Type Media Center fellow Elie Mystal discusses cases going to the Supreme Court that threaten rent control and stabilization guidelines. Mystal employs passionate language and thorough research to depict the history of rent policies being both established and challenged, and the impact on renters across the country. Through political analysis and comprehensive coverage, Mystal embodies Type Media Center’s commitment to addressing injustice and fostering societal change.


  • Historical Progression: Mystal discusses the continued erosion of rent control throughout past decades, and delves into various court cases raised regarding rent policies over the years, aligning with Type’s mission of addressing injustice and inequality.
  • Landlord Loopholes and Tenant Protections: The piece notes loopholes used by landlords to increase rents and evict tenants, and emphasizes the importance of closing these gaps in protecting renters’ rights, aligning with Type’s goal to uplift social movements and catalyze change.
  • Impact Analysis: Mystal details the potential impact of the current court cases on affordable housing, particularly in the few cities and states with rent control guidelines, resonating with Type’s objective to inform and ignite transformative dialogues.
  • National Implications: The article highlights that rent control and stabilization policies are generally popular among the public, consequently questioning the motivations of those who seek to challenge them, reflecting Type’s endeavor to diversify the discourse in journalism.

Type Media Center’s Note

This piece by our fellow Elie Mystal exemplifies Type Media Center’s dedication to nurturing independent journalism that not only informs but strives for societal change. Through his in-depth coverage of challenges to rent control and stabilization guidelines, and the potential impact nationwide, Mystal contributes to our broader mission of producing high-impact journalism that addresses injustice and fosters a culture of proactive engagement.