Founded in 1966 (as The Nation Institute), Type Media Center is home to a half-dozen programs and a community of hundreds of journalists, authors, and writing fellows. Our dynamic range of programs includes a bestselling book publishing imprint, Bold Type Books (formerly known as Nation Books); our award-winning Type Investigations (formerly known as the Investigative Fund), which supports groundbreaking investigative journalism; TomDispatch, the widely read and syndicated website; Fellowships that fund over 25 high-profile reporters every year; Prize programs that spotlight invaluable achievements; and high-profile Events that provide a platform for key journalists, thinkers, and activists to discuss the urgent and important issues of our time.

Type Media Center meets the highest standards of governance, openness, ethical practices, and fiscal responsibility established by Charity Navigator:


Type Media Center is a non-profit home for independent journalists and truth-tellers at all stages of their careers. Our mission is to produce high-impact journalism and literary nonfiction that addresses injustice and inequality, catalyzes change, informs and uplifts social movements, and sparks national and global conversations while transforming and diversifying the fields of journalism and publishing.

Board of Trustees

 Richard Foos  •   Paula Giddings  •  Ken Grossinger  •  David R. Jones  •  Jeffrey Kusama‑Hinte, Chair  •  Conrad Martin  •  Graciela Mochkofsky •  Victor Navasky  •  Ken Sunshine  •  Margery Tabankin  •  Katrina vanden Heuvel  •  Davis Weinstock  •  Jenna Weiss-Berman  •  Kai Wright


Taya Kitman Executive Director and CEO

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Maha Ahmed Chief of Research at Type Investigations

Sarah Blustain Executive Editor at Type Investigations

Kristine Bruch Director of Development and Special Programs

Remy Cawley Associate Editor at Bold Type Books

Taylor Eldridge Data Editor at Type Investigations

Cassi Feldman Executive Editor at Type Investigations

Alissa Figueroa Senior Editor and Senior Producer at Type Investigations

Zoe Heisler Communications Director

Evan Malmgren Research and Communications Associate

Nandini Rathi Intern at Type Investigations

Mark Rochester Editor-in-Chief of Type Media Center

Richard Salame Assistant Editor at Type Investigations

Margaret Shultz Program and Office Coordinator

Ed Sermier Chief Financial Officer

Claire Zuo Editorial Assistant at Bold Type Books

Financial Disclosure


Editorial Director at Bold Type Books (New York, NY)

Bold Type Books (BTB) is a co-publishing venture of the Type Media Center and PublicAffairs, a Hachette Book Group imprint, which publishes serious, investigative nonfiction, revelatory social history, and powerful cultural commentary.


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