E. Tammy Kim

Puffin Foundation Fellow

E. Tammy Kim is a contributing writer at The New Yorker, a contributing editor at Lux magazine, and a Type Media Center Puffin Foundation Fellow.



Dissolve Into Nothing: The enigmatic science fiction of Djuna

Type Media Center fellow E. Tammy Kim covers the role of science fiction in South Korea, with a spotlight on Djuna’s Counterweight.

How the Yale Unions Took Over New Haven

A decade ago, blue-collar campus workers won a majority on the city council. Would an alliance with grad students dilute their power?

The Upstart Union Challenging Starbucks

Baristas nationwide are remarkably organized. Is the company’s C.E.O., Howard Schultz, using firings, store closures, and legal delays to thwart them?

A Welcome Unfreedom in South Korea

Quarantining with my mother in her homeland, I questioned the U.S. approach to the pandemic and public health.

Do Today’s Unions Have a Fighting Chance Against Corporate America?

For the workers who haven’t joined the Great Resignation, this moment has inspired a new wave of organizing — and a brutal pushback.

Exit Polls in Seoul

Rising panic over housing costs and a misogynist backlash culminated in the election of a new strongman president in South Korea.

Return Flights

Two hundred thousand South Korean children have been adopted since the Korean War. Adoptee memoirs, once full of confession and confusion, are now marked by confidence and rage.

China and the Lore of American Manufacturing

In Ohio’s Senate race, both candidates are employing anti-Asian rhetoric and neglecting to hold corporations to account.