As an organization committed to strengthening diversity in media, Type is proud to offer two paid internships that serve as access points for individuals entering the fields of investigative journalism and publishing. We are dedicated to helping to build a robust pipeline of diverse media workers, and seek interns from a broad range of backgrounds and past experience.

The Don and Doris Shaffer Editorial Internship at Type Investigations places interns among a team of veteran editors, who guide them through in-depth investigative research, database compilation, originality research on story proposals, fact-checking, and generally assisting with editorial operations. Our interns have gone on to earn fellowships, produce award-winning works of investigative journalism, and land jobs as editors and staff reporters at prestigious and widely-read publications.

The Harriet and Perry Grover Editorial Internship at Bold Type Books is an immersive apprenticeship that trains interns in the fundamentals of book publishing. Tasks include reading and evaluating submissions, conducting research, drafting copy, coordinating mailings, and general editorial support. Our interns have gone on to competitive MFA programs, full-time publishing jobs (including at Bold Type Books), and more.

Both internships are offered twice a year, from January to June and July to December. All interns are paid $18/hr and receive a monthly metrocard.

We post calls for applications 6-8 weeks before application deadlines. Check back in late 2020 for more information, or click here to learn more about Type Investigations.


Don and Doris Shaffer Editorial Interns at Type Investigations will work closely with their team of editors to do in-depth investigative research, compile databases, conduct originality searches on story proposals, do fact-checking, and generally assist with the operations of Type Investigations.

Harriet and Perry Grover Editorial Interns will work closely with the editors at Bold Type Books. The aim of the internship is to provide an immersive and rewarding apprenticeship in which the intern will learn the ropes of book publishing.


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