In this article, Type Media Center fellow Elie Mystal covers the Colorado State Supreme Court’s ruling against Trump’s eligibility for the primary ballot, delving into expected reactions from conservatives.


  • The Ruling: The article discusses a ruling by the Colorado State Supreme Court which established Donald Trump’s ineligibility to be included in the Republican primary ballot. The ruling was based on Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, which states that no person who has engaged in insurrection is to hold any office.
  • Impending Intervention: Mystal notes the anticipated intervention of the conservative U.S. Supreme Court, with an expectation that they will go against Colorado’s ruling in favor of Trump’s candidacy.
  • Anticipated Arguments: The article presents possible avenues by which the Supreme Court may dispute Colorado’s ruling, including reading “convicted” into the amendment, claiming the case is not “ripe,” or questioning whether Section 3 is “self-executing.”
  • No Principles, Just Power: Mystal predicts that conservatives will go against the principles of states’ rights and textualism which they typically use in interpretations of the Constitution, in order to restore Trump to the Colorado ballot. He posits that this behavior is predictable among conservatives, because “they are not bound by principle. They’re only concerned about power.”

Type Media Center’s Note

This article by our fellow Elie Mystal reflects Type Media Center’s dedication to nurturing independent journalism that not only informs but strives for societal change.