Primary Sources: Rebecca Solnit on George Orwell

In this conversation, she elaborates on her unconventional view of Orwell, and she offers an alternative reading of 1984. She talks about how Orwell was both a socialist and a critic of the left, and why she identifies with this, and argues for the political importance of pleasure and beauty. And she explains why, despite Orwell’s troubling silence about the plight of women, she believes we should still read his works. Interview by Eyal Press for Primary Sources.

Primary Sources: Ta-Nehisi Coates on Tony Judt

In this conversation, which was recorded last fall, Ta-Nehisi talks about why Postwar had such a profound impact on him. He explores the preface he wrote to Ill Fares the Land, another of Judt’s books, which has just been reissued by Penguin. He also talks about the power of language to help us imagine a better world, whether he identifies as an Afro-pessimist, and what it’s like to grow up in a nationalist household. By Eyal Press for Primary Sources.

Type Talk: Race, Resistance & Policing in NYC Race

Type Fellows Collier Meyerson, journalist and host of the new podcast “Love Thy Neighbor,” and Dax-Devlon Ross, writer and host of the upcoming podcast “The Burden,” discuss their reporting and the decades long history of NYPD misconduct in communities of color.  Saki Knafo, reporter and host of the podcast series “Conviction,” moderates the discussion.

Don and Doris Shaffer Research Fellowship 2022-2023

We are looking for an entry-level researcher and fact-checker with a deep interest in investigative journalism. Our fellowship offers rigorous training in key investigative skills, with many opportunities for mentorship and special projects tailored to the interests of the fellow.