In this article, Type Media Center fellow Nick Turse covers the lasting impact of the late Henry Kissinger’s war policy during the Vietnam War.


  • The Immediate Impact: In this article, Nick Turse discusses the direct impact Henry Kissinger’s expansion and escalation of the Vietnam War, which led to the death, wounding, and displacement of hundreds of thousands of civilians.
  • The Broader Impact: The article explains the effects of the destabilization of Cambodia due to the war’s escalation, which allowed for Khmer Rouge to take power and “plunge the tiny nation into a nightmare campaign of overwork, hunger and murder that killed around two million people from 1975 to 1979.”
  • International Consequences: Turse discusses the lasting legacy that Kissinger’s policies have left, noting that his “disregard for civilian casualties in war” established a model for the U.S. military that has had “deadly consequences for civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Syria, among other places.”
  • Dead Silent: Nick Turse calls for the voices of Kissinger’s victims to be heard, so he does not continue to escape accountability in death as he did while he was alive.

Type Media Center’s Note

This article by our fellow Nick Turse reflects Type Media Center’s dedication to nurturing independent journalism that not only informs but strives for societal change.