In this interview with Slate’s Mary Harris, Type Media Center fellow Ari Berman discusses the disorganized state of the 2024 presidential primary process, and the need for reform amidst broader political turmoil.


  • Disorganized Democracy: In this interview, Ari Berman speak with Mary Harris about the chaotic and disorganized nature of this year’s presidential primary process, noting how conflicting dates and processes across different states will likely cause confusion.
  • Nevada’s Diversion: Berman notes issues faced by the Republican Party in Nevada due to conflicting primary and caucus dates, making it so that candidates can only be on the ballot for the caucus or the primary, not both. This has led to confusion among voters and criticism of the party’s decision-making.
  • Mistrust in the Process: Berman and Harris discuss how the chaos of the primary process creates a new motivation to mistrust election workers, increasing the potential for political violence.
  • Calling for a Change: The interview notes a call for reforming the primary process in order to combat current conflicts and improve voter participation and confidence, particularly through a standardization of the calendar and more centralized control over the process as a whole.

Type Media Center’s Note

This article by our fellow Ari Berman reflects Type Media Center’s dedication to nurturing independent journalism that not only informs but strives for societal change.