2022 Hillman Prize For Magazine Journalism

Through dogged investigative reporting and in-depth storytelling, Ari Berman has shined a spotlight on the greatest threat to American democracy: the Republican Party’s unrelenting attack on the right to vote.  There is no bigger issue in American politics right now than the GOP’s multi-faceted efforts to subvert the election system and Berman’s indefatigable reporting has uncovered who is behind it, how they are doing it, and why it matters for American democracy.

Primary Sources: Rebecca Solnit on George Orwell

In this conversation, she elaborates on her unconventional view of Orwell, and she offers an alternative reading of 1984. She talks about how Orwell was both a socialist and a critic of the left, and why she identifies with this, and argues for the political importance of pleasure and beauty. And she explains why, despite Orwell’s troubling silence about the plight of women, she believes we should still read his works. Interview by Eyal Press for Primary Sources.