In this compelling narrative, Type Media Center fellow E. Tammy Kim explores the deep-seated engagement of Yale unions in New Haven’s socio-political fabric. Through meticulous research and evocative storytelling, Kim unveils how grassroots union activities have significantly influenced Yale’s contributions to the city, and vividly portrays the growing political engagement among union members, embodying Type Media Center’s commitment to addressing injustice and fostering societal change.


  • Historical Progression: Kim intricately traces the unions’ evolution since 1941, offering readers a comprehensive understanding of their enduring struggle and triumphs, aligning with Type’s mission of revealing systemic injustices.
  • Community Engagement and Political Involvement: The narrative delves into the unions’ expansive efforts in community engagement and political involvement, echoing Type’s goal to uplift social movements and catalyze change.
  • Impact Analysis: The article scrutinizes the substantial impacts of the unions’ initiatives on Yale’s financial contributions to New Haven and the broader socio-political implications, resonating with Type’s objective to inform and ignite transformative dialogues.
  • National Implications: By touching on the broader national movement of unionization in academic institutions, Kim extends the conversation beyond New Haven, reflecting Type’s endeavor to diversify the discourse in journalism.

Type Media Center’s Note

This piece by our fellow E. Tammy Kim exemplifies Type Media Center’s dedication to nurturing independent journalism that not only informs but strives for societal change. Through her in-depth examination of Yale unions’ transformative role in New Haven, Kim contributes to our broader mission of tackling inequality and fostering a culture of proactive engagement.