In this article, Type Media Center fellow Nick Turse covers Senator Rand Paul’s proposal for the removal of U.S. armed forces from the Republic of Niger. Detailing the history of American involvement in Niger, as well as the steps taken thus far by Senator Paul, Turse demonstrates Type Media Center’s commitment to sparking national and global conversation.


  • Historical Progression: In his article, Turse details the course of U.S. involvement in Niger over the last decade, with U.S. troop strength growing by 900 percent as they “trained local counterparts and fought and even died there”. Providing this historical context, Turse’s coverage aligns with Type’s goal to spark national and global conversation.
  • Conflicting Claims: Turse explains how, despite the fact that Congress has not authorized military involvement in Niger, the U.S. military is still heavily involved in conflicts in the region. Notably, Turse recalls a Pentagon investigation which found that the activity of U.S. troops in Niger “’more closely resembled U.S. direct action’ — a military euphemism for strikes, raids, and other offensive missions — ‘than foreign partner-led operations'”. Raising these discrepancies in U.S. involvement, Turse reflects Type’s mission of diversifying the discourse in journalism.
  • A Supported Resolution: The article references several different organizations that have endorsed Senator Paul’s resolution, including the Friends Committee on National Legislation, Frontiers of Freedom and Concerned Veterans of America. In including organizations outside of the government that have expressed their support the senator’s resolution, Turse reflects Type’s desire to inform social movements.
  • Call and No Response: Turse addresses multiple instances of the senator reaching out to other U.S. government officials for information and support, and the subsequent lack of response. In particular, Turse covers Senator Paul’s unanswered letter to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, inquiring for information about U.S. military operations in Niger. In referencing the lack of transparency when questions are posed towards government officials, Turse reflects Type’s mission of addressing injustice and catalyzing change.

Type Media Center’s Note

This article by our fellow Nick Turse reflects Type Media Center’s dedication to nurturing independent journalism that not only informs but strives for societal change. Through his coverage of Senator Rand Paul’s resolution, Turse contributes to our broader mission of producing high-impact journalism that sparks national and global conversations.