In this article, Type Media Center fellow Tanvi Misra reports on the influence of the Israel/Hamas conflict on Michigan voters’ outlook for next year’s presidential election.


  • A Close Community: Misra highlights the solidarity that has existed for decades among the majority-Arab American metro Detroit community, and how it is now driven largely by “a sense of abandonment by their representatives in government.”
  • The Looming Cloud of Fear: The article covers the deep sense of fear felt by Arab and Muslim Americans, referencing the presence of a security van outside the Islamic Center of Detroit since the October 7 attacks. The omnipresent fear felt by the community comes not only from threats in America, but also from the continuous loss of loved ones in Gaza.
  • Political Disillusionment: The article delves into the significant drop in Arab Americans’ support of President Biden, a marked 42 percent decline since 2020. Misra quotes Arab American News publisher Osama Siblani, who notes that the community believes the Biden administration has ignored or dismissed Arab and Muslim Americans’ grief and fear, and states that they “are not going to vote for these people, [they’re] going to show them that [their] vote has value.”
  • The New Generation: Despite the overarching feeling of fear and despair in the community, Misra also touches upon the hope and resilience present within the younger generation. She details stories of activism, community support, and efforts to engage in dialogue despite the challenges being faced.

Type Media Center’s Note

This article by our fellow Tanvi Misra reflects Type Media Center’s dedication to nurturing independent journalism that not only informs but strives for societal change.