In this article, Type Media Center fellow Ari Berman discusses the Biden administration’s new plan to tackle methane emissions, as well as the criticism Biden has faced for not fighting against fossil fuels.


  • The Plan: The article focuses on the Biden administration’s new plan to significantly reduce methane emissions by requiring oil and gas producers to detect and repair methane leaks.
  • Anticipated Impact: Berman discusses the expected impact of Biden’s plan, noting that the EPA anticipates it preventing 58 million tons of methane emissions from 2024 to 2038. Berman notes that Fred Krupp, president of the Environmental Defense Fund, has called the plan the “the most impactful climate rule” ever established by the United States.
  • Not an Easy Fix: The article highlights potential challenges for the new rule, namely push-back from conservative groups in court. Berman also notes criticism Biden has faced from environmental groups for neglecting to fight against fossil fuels, with the U.S. on track to extract record amounts of oil and gas in 2023.
  • The Broader Picture: In the article, Berman covers global climate efforts, noting a new pact reached by the world’s 50 largest oil producers to reduce methane emissions by 80 to 90 percent by the end of the decade. However, he also raises criticism the UN has faced for holding their climate summit in one of the world’s largest oil producing nations, the United Arab Emirates.

Type Media Center’s Note

This article by our fellow Ari Berman reflects Type Media Center’s dedication to nurturing independent journalism that not only informs but strives for societal change.