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The Risk Makers

Viral hate, election interference, and hacked accounts: inside the tech industry’s decades-long failure to reckon with risk.
By Catherine Buni and Soraya Chemaly in OneZero.

Confinement and Contagion

In February, Tomiekia Johnson’s mother, father, sister, and daughter came to Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF).
By Justine van der Leun in The New York Review of Books.

For The Generals, A Duty To Speak Up Now

So far nobody in the United States military has expressed great surprise over President Trump’s alleged remarks about soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice.
By Joe Conason in The National Memo.

The Empty Cases

A look at how things might change in British museums as a result of the Black Lives Matter movement.
By Gary Younge in BBC Radio 4.

The Abolition Movement

What we talk about when we talk about addressing the savage roots of policing: justice and safety for everyone.
By Josie Duffy Rice in Vanity Fair.

Cold as ICE

How local sheriffs are driving Trump’s deportation agenda.
By Seth Freed Wessler in Mother Jones.

Could Wonder Woman Save Us From Covid-19?

Our leaders are as bad as any comic book villain. But even they might be no match for Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth—or Spider-man’s web shooters or Shuri’s brain.
By Elie Mystal in The Nation.

U.S. Capitalism Is in Total Meltdown

The COVID-19 pandemic is like Hurricane Katrina, but for the entire country. And things are only going to get worse.
By Sarah Jaffe in The Progressive.

Neglected in Care

Long before the coronavirus devastated nursing homes, inadequate staffing in for-profit Texas facilities endangered residents, leading to injuries and deaths.
By Elena Mejía Lutz in The Texas Observer.

What No Patriot Would Ever Do

“Performative patriotism” is a fancy way of describing what my father called “jelly-bellied flag flappers.”
By Joe Conason in The National Memo.

How to Fight Coronavirus and Climate Change at Once

While millions of Americans all across the country are sick and out of work, there is no question low-income communities of color are being hit harder than others.
By Julian Brave NoiseCat in Crooked Media.

Reflections on Rage and Reform

I was stunned into hand-over-mouth silence as I sat on my couch watching the murder of George Floyd.
By Sylvia A. Harvey in Type Investigations.

Essential Business

Keeping the Bronx fed in the midst of a pandemic
By Rozina Ali in Harper’s.

What Does It Mean to Defund or Abolish the Police?

Trevor Noah speaks with panelists about the recent progress of the Black Lives Matter movement, the call to defund the police, and community-based alternatives.
Featuring Mychal Denzel Smith and Josie Duffy Rice on The Daily Show.

Plague Poem

Perhaps it is best that we go away now, bundle up our tyrants, lies and balloons, our screams.
By Kata Pollitt in Lit Hub.

Paying Off Your Paid Leave

Many workers who need more sick time than they’ve accrued end up having to pay back their employers and go into ‘PTO debt.’
By Sarah Jaffe in The American Prospect.

Sephora Makes Plans to Reopen

“They have very unrealistic expectations of workers sacrificing their health so that people can buy makeup.”
By Sarah Jaffe in Dissent.

Death of a Survivor

In April, Darlene “Lulu” Benson-Seay became the first woman incarcerated by New York State to die from Covid-19. Should she have been in prison in the first place?
By Justine van der Leun in The New Republic.


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