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Are Kids Bad for the Planet?

The fraught decision to have children—or not—in an era of climate crisis.
By Kate Aronoff in The New Republic.

Labour Activists Canvass in the Cold in Britain

The December 12 parliamentary election has brought out Labour’s secret weapon: organizers who have been working for years to end austerity and bring a new politics to the U.K.
By Sarah Jaffe in The American Prospect.

When the Clinics Close

As Planned Parenthoods shutter in Ohio, reproductive rights and justice groups are fighting harder than ever.
By Dani McClain in The Nation.

Streets on Fire

From Occupy Wall Street to Extinction Rebellion, this has been a combustible 10 years.
By Gary Younge in The Guardian.

Nonprofit Workers Join the Movement to Unionize

Increasing numbers of people in mission- and passion-driven fields are waking up to the fact that they are, despite the trappings of middle-class-ness, still workers doing a job.
By Sarah Jaffe in Common Dreams.

The View from Stevenage

In the first of a three-part series, Gary Younge returns to his home town to see how the bellwether constituency views the election.
By Gary Younge in The Guardian.

A Hunger Strike in ICE Detention

Ajay Kumar, an asylum seeker from India, went on a hunger strike to protest the “animal-like treatment” he faced in ice custody.
By Rozina Ali in The New Yorker.

Things Are Bleak!

Jonathan Safran Foer’s quest for planetary salvation.
By Kate Aronoff in The Nation.

All Organizing Is Magic

In this contribution to Verso’s Caliban and the Witch Roundtable, Sarah Jaffe finds echoes of witchcraft in contemporary anti-capitalism.
By Sarah Jaffe in the Verso blog.

American Brexit

It’s not just Britain headed for the subbasement of imperial history.
By Tom Engelhardt in TomDispatch.

How Abortion Pills Will Shape Our Future

The Supreme Court may make it harder to get to an abortion clinic, but thanks to drugs, coat hangers can remain a thing of the past.
By Katha Pollitt in The Nation.

The Return of the Strike

The picketing GM workers and impending Chicago Teachers Union action suggest a dramatic revival of striking as a tactic.
By Sarah Jaffe in The Progressive.

We need to Talk About Hunter Biden

The growing scandal around Ukraine shows a Biden nomination would be a big gamble – one Democrats would be foolish to make.
By Kate Aronoff in The Guardian.

A Necessary Memoir About Sexual Assault

Chanel Miller’s account of her assault by Stanford swimmer Brock Turner questions the way we treat sexual assault—and sex itself.
By Katha Pollitt in The Nation.

Not Kidding

Transparent’s bizarre musical finale.
By Naomi Gordon-Loebl in The Nation.

The Four-Day Work Week—Not Just a Daydream

The lessons of the shorter-hours movements of decades past are still deeply relevant, and are being revived for a gig-economy era of diminished opportunities for working people.
By Sarah Jaffe in The Progressive.

Thunberg Is Right

Congress is ignoring science—and that includes Democrats.
By Kate Aronoff in The Guardian.

On the Precipice

The collective asteroid of human history.
By Tom Engelhardt in TomDispatch.

As the World Burns

Catastrophes in the Amazon and elsewhere are flash points for the larger, ongoing crisis that claims lives in less spectacular fashion.
By Sarah Jaffe in the Progressive.

The Kashmiri Narrative

For many Kashmiris, the media’s persistent focus on the India-Pakistan binary misses a key part of the story.
By Rozina Ali in the Columbia Journalism Review.

The Killing Never Ends

On a sunny July afternoon in 2010, I stood among a solemn crowd gathered in the intense California heat.
By Nick Turse in Jacobin.

Remembering Toni Morrison

Four writers pay tribute to a great American novelist and groundbreaking intellect.
By Mychal Denzel Smith and others in the New Republic.

The Real Trouble with Ilhan Omar

While others on the left waffle on questions of imperial power and foreign relations, the freshman Democrat takes on American hegemony.
By Sarah Jaffe in the Progressive.

To Fight Trump, Take to the Streets!

The Trump administration gets more malicious, harmful, and absurd every day. So why aren’t many of us outside protesting?
By Katha Pollitt in the Nation.


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