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Paying Off Your Paid Leave

Many workers who need more sick time than they’ve accrued end up having to pay back their employers and go into ‘PTO debt.’
By Sarah Jaffe in The American Prospect.

Sephora Makes Plans to Reopen

“They have very unrealistic expectations of workers sacrificing their health so that people can buy makeup.”
By Sarah Jaffe in Dissent.

The Last 16 Days Of Robert Beaupre’s Life

“Beau” is one of about 2,400 people who have died of COVID-19 in Michigan. Texts, diaries and photos detailed his last days in remarkable detail.
By Patricia Anstett in HuffPost.

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

My days have been spent inside mostly. But when I’m out for my daily walk, I delight in seeing flowers in the park by my apartment.
By Collier Meyerson in the Intelligencer.

How Much Is an Unkosher Torah Worth?

Inside the murky world of Torah appraisal and a prominent evangelical’s gift to the Museum of the Bible of thousands of unusable scrolls.
By Hella Winston in The Jewish Week.

Doulas Are Going Virtual

As the novel coronavirus continues to ravage New York City, doulas have had to adapt their methods.
By Collier Meyerson in the Intelligencer.

Welfare for Wall Street

As in 2008, the financial relief package leaves most Americans behind. It’s only a matter of time before it leads to an even bigger crisis.
By Nomi Prins in The Nation.

The Skies Are Emptying Out

Mourning the world I thought I grew up in, and the birds I thought I knew.
By Tom Engelhardt in The Nation.

We Can Build a Better World After COVID-19

When the crisis is over, the question should not be, “How do we get everyone back to work?” but “Why weren’t we valuing our workers to begin with?”
By Sarah Jaffe in The Progressive.

What The Pandemic Tells Us About Our Politics

When Americans are confronting the most threatening national crisis in a generation, it would be uplifting to offer a few encouraging words about the president.
By Joe Conason in The National Memo.

The Democrats Screwed Up

Nancy Pelosi and other party leaders have been outflanked by opponents embracing big spending ideas to address the coronavirus recession.
By Kate Aronoff in The New Republic.

A Tale of Two Plagues

Tips on self-isolation from Daniel Defoe and Giovanni Boccaccio
By Katha Pollitt in The Nation.

Last Chance at Justice

History tells us that, in a time of crisis, we have to be careful about how we respond.
By Seth Freed Wessler in WNYC’s United States of Anxiety.

In Search of Promised Lands

Uprooted repeatedly by development projects, the Oujé-Bougoumou Cree wandered boreal Quebec for 70 years before finding a permanent home. For some, the journey continues.
By Julian Brave NoiseCate in Canadian Geographic.

The House on Magnolia Street

How a group of homeless mothers took on a housing crisis
By Julian Brave NoiseCat in The California Sunday Magazine.

Sara Nelson Says People Are Ready for Solidarity

The president of the Association of Flight Attendants tells Sarah Jaffe that the pandemic reveals what unions already know: “An injury to one is an injury to all.”
By Sarah Jaffe in The Nation.